As local communities have given support to small businesses during this difficult time, there are also restaurants that are giving back too. From donating food to local shelters to sourcing ingredients locally, restaurants are participating in different ways to bring the local community together. The appreciation and care shines through the food and commitment to serve those who need it. Explore some of the ways restaurants are supporting their communities!

Non-Profit Organizations

Partnering with non-profit organizations allow for both the restaurant and charity to thrive. When the promotion starts, customers can come out to purchase a meal, which gives the restaurant sales. In return, some of the proceeds are donated to the organization. These organizations are able to give out free meals and groceries, all because of the partnerships with local restaurants!

Locally Sourced Ingredients

What other ways can restaurants be supportive? “Show your community that you care enough to support local growers and offer the freshest dishes,” according to Gather, “by offering a menu that features locally sourced ingredients.” Farmers and growers will be appreciative of a restaurant’s effort to purchase from them, while customers can experience the fresh flavors of local ingredients.

Shelters/Food Banks

An effective way to give back directly is by donating food to local shelters and food banks. Restaurants can donate food straight from the kitchen and deliver it to shelters nearby. Given the current state of the world, donated food is needed to feed affected individuals and families. Restaurants can also set up donation days and serve food safely to the local community.


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