Southern cuisine is known for its deliciously rich and diverse foods that keep your belly full and your heart and soul warm. Since the holidays are quickly approaching, below we have provided some excellent comfort food ideas for your next Southern holiday.


As the name preludes, corn bread is made from corn flour rather than wheat flour and is a delicious side dish that’s typically served warm and with butter. It has a sweet, crumbly texture and usually one piece is just not enough! This dish is often served at summer barbecues but is also a staple on the holiday dinner table in the South as well.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are commonly found on southern dinner tables during the holidays either mashed, in a pie with marshmallows on top, or just by themselves. Sweet potatoes are a deliciously sweet carbohydrate that go well with any meal and are easily found at all local markets.

Biscuits and Gravy

What many consider the perfect holiday dish on a cold day, biscuits and gravy is a soft textured biscuit topped with either sausage or red eye gravy. The gravy gets soaked in the biscuit and creates a balanced tasty meal that can be eaten again and again. Served hot, this is sure to be a hit alongside any holiday meal whether it’s breakfast or dinner.

Final Thoughts

Each of these Southern comfort foods have stood the test of time and can be very versatile when it comes to making multiple side dishes this holiday season. There are many variations of these dishes that you can experiment with based on your pallet. Head to Mama Sheila’s House of Soul in Minneapolis, MN for southern food that is sure to keep your belly full and heart warm this holiday season.