Could you imagine eating some crispy and delicious fried chicken on its own? Yeah, neither could we! From friend chicken to turkey and fish fry, a main dish does not taste as good on its own. It needs the complementing flavors of a few comforting side dishes. Southern food is rooted in deep flavors, and side dishes are a staple at every family dinner and cook out. We hope you are hungry because we will be listing a few popular side dishes that you must try next time you want to add some southern flare to your next dinner.

Collard Greens

A Southern meal just does not feel right without some savory and hearty collard greens. These leafy vegetables come from the same family as kale and cabbage, and in the South, they are usually cooked with pork to add that rich flavor we all love.  

Corn Pudding

Corn pudding is a food staple in the South for its creamy texture and sweetness. Don’t mistake it for dessert, this side dish as described by Barefoot In The Kitchen, is like a cross between a savory custard and warm creamed corn. It complements turkey, chicken, and ham very well, but is just as delicious by itself. We promise that once you have a bite, you’ll very much want to eat the whole casserole!

Mac N Cheese

The best side dish to complement some friend chicken! Mac N Cheese is one of those comfort side dishes that everybody loves. If you ever make some, make sure that there is enough for seconds. There are many varieties to this dish, but no one quite makes it like the South. This irresistible cheesy pasta is so rich in flavor, that you’ll have to make it from scratch to taste it’s authentic flavors rather than opting for the boxed option.

Baked Beans

Baked beans are another southern staple. They are smoky and delicious and a crowd-pleaser! They pair great with a hot, juicy burger fresh off the grill as well as our favorite, some good old Southern fried chicken!

If a Southern meal is in the works do not forget about the sides! We cannot stress that enough. From corn pudding to collard greens and mac n cheese, these comfort foods are the highlight of every meal. Not only do they complement the main dish, but every bite is nostalgic. If you are local to the Minneapolis, MN area, visit Mama Sheila’s House of Soul for savory Southern dishes that you’ll love and remember.